Blooming Revolutions

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Brittany Josephina Spell is a horticulturist, botanic designer, floral artist and interdisciplinary wellness practitioner.

As a designer and holistic practitioner, she recognizes the symbiotic relationship between environmental landscapes and quality of well-being.

Before stepping into the world of horticulture, she generated a following of over 25,000 with her former blog Mind of a Taurus, which covered topics of vision planning, mental health, spirituality and applications of psychology.

Her work is birthed from an unwavering desire to harness her inner power and support people in doing the same. This purpose work has culminated more specifically over the last decade through her education in psychology, reiki, meditation, design and plant medicine. She has been invited to facilitate vision-planning, meditation and healing workshops for groups, students and employees at places, such as Girl Boss, Microsoft, Fashion Institute of Technology, Smith College.

With her BA in Psychology and Fine Arts, she critically explores practical ways meaningful and engaged living can be identified, experienced and cultivated within the context of the communal and individual experience. Her personal journey has been a continued walk of contemplating the roots of sustainable well-being and her deep relationship to sensuality - taste, touch, smell, sight and sound.

Informed by her Jamaican-American mother who raised her in the garden, foraging vegetables, planting seeds and flowers, watering house plants, receiving homeopathic remedies and helping her father water the outdoor plants and landscape the yard, her connection to Nature began early.

It’s only in the recent years she’s learned that her great great grandfather was farmer back in Jamaica and that her lineage is deeply woven into plants as healing and nourishing providers. Her return to this work is ancestrally led.

Her design approach is meditative and reflective of uniting and harmonizing shape, color, texture and personal narratives to produce emotional works of art.

Ancestral connection, the earth, plants and flowers are her chosen vehicles of expression.

The Cultivation:

  • BA in Psychology and Fine Arts from St. John's University (2012 - 2016)

  • Reiki 1 Certified through Usui Shiki Ryoho (2018)

  • 60-Hour Herbal Studies with Wild Gather (2019)

  • 9 Month Flower Essence Apprenticeship Program with Linda Cohen (2018-2019)

  • Workshop Facilitator for Black Girl Magik healing spaces (2015 - now)