“Our session was deeply empowering and I discovered a few of my hidden truths. The session had an organic flow. You build a space for trust allowing for real vulnerability and that's where healing and empowerment thrive. As soon as I started to read your email, I knew I need to literally absorb every word. You are a talented, intuitive writer following the flow with precision steering. I didn't know what to expect from our Intuitive Breakthrough Session and came out of the experience affirmed, empowered, focused and full of gratitude.” - Danielle

“My experience was great! It was so lovely talking to you! You helped me realize that the positives always outweigh the negatives when it comes to taking risks towards achieving your goals. Your support, positivity, and guidance have made such an impact in my life, just after one session. You truly are such a light & I thank you for all the good you're doing!” - Jade

“I had an amazing session with Brittany Josephina! Her voice is so sweet and calming it made me feel at such peace. I felt a connection between us, a sister I've met before. The session was an eye-opener to something that I perhaps already knew but it became more clear when speaking to Brittany. It was an amazing experience!” - Diane

“Working with Brittany was such an heart warming + affirming experience. From the start of the call she was loving, direct and fun! Even while explaining my current journey and short-comings, Brittany didn't judge or recoil. She was inviting, listened openly, and made me feel less alone and more capable in my current life path. I have so much love for Brittany for shining bright and guiding me through reflection and meditation to places inside myself that are shielded but intensely glowing. We talked amazing pasts memories. Through a meditation, she guided me back into times in my life where I care-free, energized, and constantly creating art. The age that was the most apparent and came to me instantly was when I was 12 years old. Since that session i'm constantly tapping back into my 12 year old and even talking with my past. I'm aligned + focused and planning for my theme for 2017. Thanks so so so much Brittany for doing the work you do and helping me not give up on myself and my dreams.” - India

“The biggest impact of my session with Ms. Spell wasn't even something we spoke about. Like spring cleaning and opening all the windows to let rooms air out, she brought such clarity and helped me reaffirm my own power, my ability, my voice. The joy I felt on the line as we talked and shared, prayed and meditated stuck with me and when I felt troubled or shaken, I looked inside for that same source of happy and remembered I am who I say I am. You gifted me peace and hope, light enough to face one of my darkest shadows. Something had been festering for years and I was too afraid, too committed to the old stories, too ... everything, to face it or even name it. I'm finding peace on my own these days and letting go of these fears that I believed in more than my own desire to be free of them. Thank you, Ms. Spell. You've healed so much in my life after just one session. I can't put into words what it's meant for me or how much you've touched me. I feel ... closer to whole. I am a better woman, I am better to myself, with your support and guidance.”  - Deja

“Guided meditation helped me relax a lot. And feel in the moment which even when I meditate on my own my thoughts begin to spiral and then I start focusing on pushing thoughts away instead of just letting them float in, observe, and let go. Hearing your voice was very helpful. I felt peace.” - Luz

“I wish I had a longer session but honestly the short one was sooooo incredibly helpful. I like over the phone so I don't feel judged by some stranger looking at me and I love how it feels like I'm talking to a friend but almost a new friend who has so much more advice to offer. what stood out was connecting on our experiences and really realizing I'm not the only one going through what I am going through and things will always get better.” - Courtney

“My experience was eye opening . You made me realize different perspectives I needed to see . I felt nervous but I soon realized you were there to listen & I appreciate that cuz I've needed an ear . My confidence in myself was noticed by me a lot . I'm going to focus a lot more on myself & how I view myself.” - Aubree